family ties

August 1, 2006

some day
in time
we will dance again

your weary head
on my shoulder
we will dance

in love once more
with more than love

as if we bring
no sad past

no “stupid”
no cold stares
no crazy circles
no roads blocked
no words hidden
no hands in the night

8 Responses to “family ties”

  1. twitches Says:

    I like ending with the things you WON’T bring next time…sad but still hopeful in an odd sort of way.

  2. qazse Says:

    hey twitches, I think there is hope. Just because something happened in the past does not mean it has to enslave us. I think liberation starts in the mind and moves to the soul.

    PS I erased my original response because it was tooooooo analytical.  Some analysis, okay.  Tooooooo much and it gets stuffy in here.

  3. Jules Says:

    This is brilliant – causes me to reflect on my current relationships. The line below actually makes me look optimistically to the future for the speaker.

    in love once more
    with more than love

  4. qazse Says:

    Thanks for the enthusiastic reception. I sometimes wonder why marriage survives. Then I think we are in love with loving. We keep trying like salmon. But beyond the spawning I believe there is the possibility of a transcendent love – two intimate trusting mindful people committed to one another.

    It is too bad we as a society do not prepare for or support such notions beyond lip service.I know there are many exceptions but I believe, in general, we are almost anti-intimacy in many ways for many reasons.

    For example, intimacy does not maximize the sale of  beer, porn, or football.  Those are multi-billion dollar enterprises.  They are not about to sacrifice revenue for intimacy.  Fuck intimacy.  Better to keep the masses in angst.

    Again, this is just one way we fail the institution of marriage and ultimately our children.

    This all just happens quite randomly and ,most often ,subconsciously.  However I wonder about some things: like when the “family values” crowd focuses on (attacks) alternative  marriages but sings the praises of the FOX network news.  I can think of no media conglomerate more anti – family than FOX.

    Sorry to ramble on.  What do you think?

  5. twitches Says:

    “I can think of no media conglomerate more anti – family than FOX.”

    HEY – watch it or I’m gonna use my loofah on you!

  6. qazse Says:

    I sometimes *fantasize Bush saying under his breath: “I believe in family values – rich family values…” Barbara giggles.

    If this kind of disrespect (read anti-American) suffers me a can of woop loofah, so be it. I am man enough.

    * (had originally typed “fatasize” as in “I need a fatta size” )

  7. Jules Says:

    I like your rambling and I agree with you on many levels here. I often wonder (maybe more than a married woman should) why/how marriage survives. Fear, selfishness and greed stemming from pride seem to be the foes of intimacy. (There’s my little rant.)

    I no longer watch TV, so I guess I’m at least avoiding one anti-family assault. Lucky me

    (*hahaha – fatta size)

  8. qazse Says:

    married people are precisely the ones who ought to be wrestling with these issues. Who better to find solutions…

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