August 7, 2006

a word unheard

like the names
Gladys or Gertrude

is suit talk –
pulpit propaganda

no such thing
as wholesome,

a death title
for anything
beyond cereal
or sermons

better buzz
with ass wholesome
and whoresome

6 Responses to “WHORESOME”

  1. Jules Says:

    Qazse – they blocked your website at my office. I went to view some of your poetry on Friday and was greeted by a big stop sign and a warning about “un safe” websites. It made me laugh to myself. I wonder what their screening process is…must have more to do with written word rather than images, because Victoria’s Secret ads in my inbox are far more racy than even this poem. Their ads are “whoresome” that’s for sure. Great observations.

    (I should sing the old Tonight show theme along with those last two lines, right? )

  2. qazse Says:

    Hey Jules,

    Thanks for stopping by this den of iniquity. I am wearing devil horns as I type.

    Their screening software probably picks up on the “sex” tag.

    I was trying for the theme song to Entertainment Tonight as I remember it. Does it work now? Or am I way off?

  3. bloglily Says:

    No, not way off. I’m feeling entertained! I’m going to work wholesome into conversation every chance I have today. It’s a word to be rescued from the clutches of whole grain advocates. That’s what poets do, isn’t it? They keep language fresh. Thank you for that, dear Q.

  4. qazse Says:

    Why that is very wholesome of you BL! Thanks for stopping by. You know I didn’t bother to look up the official definition of wholesome. I should have done that first. Oh well better late than never, I am on my way.

    PS I DELETED the last two stanzas which menioned Enertainment Tonight and  it’s jingle:

    tit tit tit and some aaaaass
    tit tit tit and some aaaaass…

  5. gladys wasn’t that wholesome. her parents were in denial.

  6. qazse Says:

    well, in her defense, with her parents so far away from home she had little supervision.

    Plus, whisper “Gladys” twenty times to the person nearest you.  I know it got me excited.

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