They were just 23

November 14, 2007

It seems like mankind
is just twenty three –

2 Responses to “They were just 23”

  1. fencer Says:

    Dangerous time of life, especially young men with too much testosterone and invincibility.

    I see your parallel there with immature nation states with too many arms and the glorification of war subtly pervasive.


  2. qazse Says:

    Hey fencer,

    And from an other facet of perception, I look at our evolution and see us crawling from primitive infancy, driven by primal sensibilities, on up through basic medieval indoctrination on to an ability to think beyond what we are told into the awakening of collective sexuality on into empowerment through collective information and the potential for collective dialog. Never before have we been this close to determining our own destiny. Yet the previous stages are still much alive within us all and we struggle to transcend that part of our past which is self destructive.

    It is as if mankind’s evolution parallels Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.


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