to all the extremists

May 19, 2008

you fuckers
you stupid fuckers
look what you have done

9 Responses to “to all the extremists”

  1. c Says:

    Can we say this while slapping them or grabbing them by their flag-pinned lapels?

  2. qazse Says:

    only if you play for keeps – which entails knees forcefully to groins 🙂

  3. Polar Says:

    All you want
    They can’t hear you
    They wont hear you
    They don’t want to know
    They don’t want to think
    They run from truth
    They run from responsibility
    They do only as they’re told
    They do only for themselves
    They will still argue with you
    Even as the ship pulls them down
    The only decision left to us
    Is how long to hold our breath
    As we sink to to bottom.

  4. Polar Says:

    I’m sorry for being such a downer. It’s how I feel about it though. I should of said something to bolster your spirit. I apologize. How about this. Man kind has always struggled for freedom. Though we as a species may never achieve it as a whole we can still gain it individually. For thousands of years great people have fought for it . Which proves the quest will never die either. I hope that helped. Dobry

  5. qazse Says:


    No need to apologize. I loved your poem/metaphor!

    I think it touching that you are concerned about my spirits.

    Even if it comes down to the decision of how long to hold my breath – I know as I turn my body over to the sea – my spirit will take flight… and I will materialize elsewhere to call out the assholes once more. Peace 🙂

  6. howard Says:

    I don’t know, Q. I like the anger. It resonates with how I feel a lot of the time, especially when I’m too tired to be polite 😉

  7. qazse Says:

    “too tired to be polite” makes me smile

    Anger is a struggle for the modern man. We are exposed to a constant parade of bozos and are helpless to do anything. From the rulers of Myanmar to Mugabe to oil executives to …

  8. clancyjane Says:

    i praise you.
    galbraith praises you.

  9. qazse Says:

    thank you both

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