July 17, 2009

when I stuff myself
i can’t feel myself

i am the donut
the pie
the beer

4 Responses to “morphmallow”

  1. bloglily Says:

    Oh, Sir Q, I did love this — the title’s brilliant — xoxoxo

  2. qazse Says:

    Lily, thank you! … “Sir Q” is a great CB handle. (Albeit somewhat SirQitous). Here’s a bunch of X’s and O’s comin’ back atcha good neighbor. I’m out here doin double nickels on double deuce tryin to find me a choke and puke that ain’t servin’ road pizza. There goes some bear bait, time for a 10-100.

    PS I have had a bad string of misspellings.

  3. pauline Says:

    How true is that! You never fail to impress me when I drop by…

  4. qazse Says:

    Thank you pauline. At times I have had a very compulsive relationship with food. I think it is a form of escape.

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