the killing brine

May 29, 2006

The rising sun falls from the sky in flames
while bodies float atop the killing brine.

We search for light moving into frame,
no grave as lonely as this chilling brine.

They fly unseen with dead abandon,
fast and low atop the churning brine.

Then rise to dive, they attack at random.
We jump into the burning brine.

How many prayers were said this day?
How many fell silent to the brine?

Why must we die such pointless ways
in this vast and lonely killing brine?

Dog Knows First

May 23, 2006

He leaps
from the couch
and growls at the sky.

Then looks back at me –
to say goodbye.

Soon come the winds
straight from hell
all we can do
is bark and yell.

The Earth is an ember
our spirits release,

another failed planet
another failed peace.

dogs of war

May 20, 2006

Dogs of war
trot through the streets
at dawn

nails tapping
on asphalt,
heads moving left to right.

With each turn of
each forsaken corner
their ranks swell…

since there is little food

and even less love
to go around
for dogs

who were once
tender pups.

To have no care of wrong or right,
have no thought but to be,
soar and see as a hawk in flight.

Fly from dark into light,
hold no sense of history,
to have no care of wrong or right.

Wire your brain to plumes that fright,
know only what you need to be;
soar and see as a hawk in flight.

See the red the black the white,
kill then eat warm flesh, be free
to have no care of wrong or right.

Practice not duty nor requite.
Sing bleeding cries of victory.
Soar and see as a hawk in flight.

Have no pretense but your might
Take not knowledge from the tree.
To have no care of wrong or right,
soar and see as a hawk in flight.

id gets up to speak

May 18, 2006

around here
we settle things
like real men
so fuck you
and your god.

the only thing
I worship is
your blood
on the fucking altar
of my fist.

Chocolate Coal Chips

May 16, 2006

The spoon is
a bulldozer –
the ice cream
West Virginia.

I scrape for chips
of chocolate.
No one seems able
to stop me.

A Mom Like You

May 13, 2006

The world needs
more moms
like you.

A mother to speak softly
about how special
a child is.

A mom to look up to
and feel sure about.

I wish I could send you
to those
who need a mom
like you;
to embrace them
in fragrant warmth
while you sing away
the loneliness.


May 7, 2006

Noah was the last to go.
he was discovered
face down: hands still clenched
from the struggle.

then Paul
then John
then Mary
down the hallway

into the tub

one at a time
each head held

until bubbles
turned to silence…
no frantic prayers answered

no angel made mommy stop.

nothing but struggle and terror,

as God watched.

Eternity smiles

May 5, 2006

On a cold still night
moon lights the room.

I hold her upon my lap
a  warm tiny bundle.

Her dark eyes
search this space

as we rock in time
with the universe…


To Make No Waves