metaphysical trash-talk

August 28, 2007

My god is the one true god.
The gonna get you god.

He kicks righteous butt.

Your god is a no god.
It’s a no show god.

You must accept my god.
Or you burn in hell.

I will convert you
– dead or alive.

he is a coward

August 27, 2007

he once stopped by
and promised to resolve
my shattered bones.

he dried my tears,
placed a candle in my heart,
but not a flame.

he proclaimed,
I will never abandon you.
then he left.

he left to have sex
with violence – like John Wayne
slapping a woman.

although he showed up again,
he never returned.
he is not a builder.

armageddon oops

August 27, 2007

what if it all explodes,
the universe inside
bursting open
its fragile shell

all that exists
above the big hole.

what if bricks fly
like leaves in a hurricane

and cellos burn like straw,
fingers like napalm
lips like paper

will you hail the second coming?


August 21, 2007

She who is
the axis
of all
she knows,

knows not
the axis
of all
she is.


I heard “oral sex”

August 19, 2007


I heard “oral sex”
ten thousand times more
than “terrorism”.

I saw her face
ten thousand times more
than bin Laden’s.

If only it had been otherwise…

photo source:

with each wave
these last moments
bathe our consciousness

there is nothing else…

(jobs are waiting)

put the tiny shells
in your pockets
I tell the boys

so the big ones won’t crush them.

two buddies –
they are eleven
never to be eleven again.

the breeze hides my tears.



August 13, 2007


so many years –
I was thinking all along
we were made to last

artist: Bruce Wood

medieval geek

August 9, 2007

fixing my computer –
he is probably using

the man on the square

August 6, 2007

he thrusts his hands
into other dimensions
like into an unseen box

turning this – grabbing that
he pulls out demons