Hopefully someday –
there will be a camera

on each square of this earth

from back country meadows
to the underside of every dock.

Hopefully someday –
a secure fence will surround
and protect our country

running south of Manhattan
and returning from the north.

Only then can i feel safe.

Only then should they bring back our liberties.


image source:AnimationLibrary

July 11, 2017





To have no care of wrong or right
have no thoughts but decree,
soar and see as a hawk in flight.

Fly from dark into light
hold no sense of history
to have no care of wrong or right.

Wire your brain to plumes that fright,
know only what you need to be;
soar and see as a hawk in flight.

See the red as black and white,
kill then eat the flesh, be free
to have no care of wrong or right.

Practice not duty nor requite.
Call hemic cries of victory.
Soar and see as a hawk in flight.

Have no pretense but your might
Take no knowledge from the tree.
To have no care of wrong or right,
soar and see as a hawk in flight.




photo by J. Ellen Cotton

diamonds within

July 6, 2017

i gaze into
encrusted skies

half moon

rippling in
the liquid.

how can
i know

this sky feels
like home

the air
long ago

me on 
and on.


armageddon oops

July 6, 2017

What if it all explodes,
the universe inside
punches through

all existence
above the breach.

What if bricks fly
as leaves in a firestorm,

cellos burn like straw,
fingers napalm
lips like paper.

Will you hail the second coming?

Buddy knows first

July 5, 2017

He leaps
from the couch
and growls at the sky.

Then looks back at me
to say goodbye.

Soon come the winds
straight from hell
all we can do
is bark and yell.

The Earth is an ember
our spirits release,

another failed planet
another failed peace.

Keep the masses
occupied –


Feed them
must see
must hear
must play
must have

Imply jobs
are supposed
to suck.


call it
life’s GOAL.

Believe it
to think


just as saying “I love you”
or “I’m sorry”
may come too late –
while slipping out of this life
on your back
mute and alone
surrounded by strangers.