ticonderoga 2

June 18, 2007

poking letters
into this radiant screen

bip bip bip blip
bip bip bip blip…

I think back to
your soft abrasions

modern merlins

May 17, 2007


Oh these chemists –
they perform magic!

(much of it black)

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clean fill wanted

April 10, 2007


there is a reason
help wanted ads
are in boxes

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Work Dog

July 2, 2006

My dog would love
to work
like me.
I dream
of staying home
like him.

He gets too little
car time.
I get
too little
sleeping in.

He can go to work
for me.
As well
as I,
he can labor.

While I stay inside
cozy home
and bark at
every neighbor.