I think

December 29, 2006

I am no better
or worse
than others.

I do not pretend
special powers
or treasures
to inform you.

I can only tell you
what I think,

not what to think.


O’s crib
$50 million
23,000 sq ft
14 bathrooms
2 butts

be like any jerk XIV

December 27, 2006

we are told it is best
to live like kings
and truckling queens
atop this heap of humanity

(if not for the heap –
there would be no king)


concrete god

December 26, 2006

Is God not concrete
enough for you?

Do you need more
than knowing?

Do you need
tricks and promises?
experts and channellers?
pomp and ceremony?

the fear of hell?



there is no place
quite like the other

each valley
each plain
each mountain
each plateau

with its own
land forms
life forms
and light

encased in a shared
halo of air


we are binding this earth in asphalt.

and branding
we block the night sky
with our signs.

we look
like fire



Photo by Mike Wells – Uganda (1980)

If you want to love Jesus

December 22, 2006

He looks like this:

street beggar.jpgstreetgirl.jpghomeless.jpgstarvingbaby150.jpg

Not this:

jesus-pastor.jpgjesus 6.jpgjesus 5.jpgjesus4.jpgjesus2.jpg

beggars wear the rags
holy men wear fine robes –
money well spent



winter’s first snowfall
beautiful yet dangerous
in the mountains



picture credit

Missing Him

December 21, 2006

Let’s work backwards:

First, I will miss him just sitting in his chair
content to smile as if he had no needs –
connected by spirit, happy to be.

I will miss the shuffle of his brave feet
planting the walker ahead like an ice axe;
climbing mountains we could not see.

I will miss him presiding above the fondue
a sorcerer in the candle light,
stirring up batches of yuletide glee.

I will miss him saying grace at the helm
from which he would love, work, and lead
a life of no regret – a life of family.

This is a re-post of a poem I wrote last Christmas about my father in law who had just passed away that October. A poem about the night he died is here:The night Joe left