One week later…

November 29, 2006

I turn the can
of Planters Mixed Nuts
peering into a greasy
kaleidoscope –

not a cashew
to be found

only Jordans,
Filberts, and Peas
in my disdain.

They are all
that remain

of the feast.

the long journey

November 28, 2006


the sky rests
upon the earth
in a pond


spirit becoming

November 27, 2006


the gases
the stone
the life forms
the consciousness

we must build
on what has become,
not destroy it

he didn’t ask to be born

November 26, 2006

that little boy
born to a dirtbag
who was born to a dirtbag
who was once a little boy
who did not ask to be born…

Weapon of Mass Decapitation

November 25, 2006

When I pay taxes
I feel like a guillotine
maintenance worker



November 21, 2006

it is unexpectedly cold
as we jump naked
under the covers.
shivering toward each other
we giggle,

knowing we will soon
be cozy.

mice dreams

November 20, 2006

the mouse curls up
in her hidden nest
of paper and twine.

she dreams of your breath
while you lay traps near
her perfect droppings.

you lie in your bed
of cloth and stolen feathers
to dream of sudden death.

my children’s hands

November 12, 2006

my children’s hands
will pass me along through time
as I did to them


it feels like America again

November 8, 2006




it feels like America again
like a flag snapping high and proud

who oversees the lines
and says – yes! you can speak for me



November 7, 2006

it does not matter
how long I live
as long as I generate peace