Class Warfare ?

May 28, 2008

Why not?
The rich are already
kicking our asses


May 25, 2008


until there are no soldiers
we have all died in vain

Our country was born of
contempt for privilege.

Yet we are now besmirched

for having those same
patriotic opinions.

You are trailer trash
until they need you.


Here I am at a secret meeting. We are making energy policy.

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someday homo sapien

May 15, 2008

it is no longer
just some obscure fish
in some unknown place

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Farmer prays for rain.
Builder prays for none.
Each one asks the Lord
to be His chosen one.

grieving mother

the multitude of smiles

the woman
who decides
to bear
no children

bears love
to all humanity

gangsters and sluts

May 11, 2008

If you worship gangsters
you get more gangsters

If you worship sluts
you get more sluts