we killed the mother and father.
we trashed the home.

now – we insist their nine year old
run the show. fight the bad guys.

be like ninja turtles.


At night I walk the dog throughout our neighborhood. I hear no songs being sung. I hear no instruments in practice. I see no families gathered at tables.  Only head after head facing electronic screens.  House after house plugged in for the night.

Frame after frame – like electron freight cars to the mind – they dump tons of cues mixed with bullshit.

photo source

how could
the infinite
be otherwise

gone to Vermont

March 14, 2007


perhaps 4 (rev)

March 10, 2007


we are spiritual guests
on this earth
and should not join in
the killing cycle.


To have no care of wrong or right
have no thought but to decree,
soar and see as a hawk in flight.

Fly from dark into light
hold no sense of history
to have no care of wrong or right.

Wire your brain to plumes that fright,
know only what you need to be;
soar and see as a hawk in flight.

See the red as black and white,
kill and eat the flesh, be free
to have no care of wrong or right.

Practice not duty nor requite.
Scree hemic cries of victory.
Soar and see as a hawk in flight.

Have no pretense but your might
Take no knowledge from the tree.
To have no care of wrong or right,
soar and see as a hawk in flight.

if you run a hospital

March 6, 2007

if you run a hospital
walk around

if you run a school
walk around

if you run a family
walk around

if you are
mismanagement 101

stay in your chair

spermatozoa’s ark

March 5, 2007

carry chromosomal pairs
into our future


Technological Neanderthal

March 14th, 2006

I really don’t know what I am doing yet. I’m not sure why I started this blog apart from a strong compulsion to do so. Perhaps my spirit needs to formalize something to leave behind. Maybe this is the equivalent of a cave wall.



March 4, 2007

will implode
into its own

and the world
can once again
be humanscale.