screwing common people

May 30, 2007

common people
want peace
and harmony

those who divide us
are manipulators
and misfits
power brokers
and fist lovers

how do we cope?
drugs and tv
earning and spending

through escape
we join them

pro-death penalty


poor God –

always an excuse
for war,

always an excuse
for wealth.


changing in place

May 20, 2007

new package
new bottles
new make
new models

new fashion
new faces
new gadget
new places

old game
new looks
old fish
new hooks

modern merlins

May 17, 2007


Oh these chemists –
they perform magic!

(much of it black)

photo source:

Our country was born of
contempt for privilege.

Yet today we are besmirched

for having those same
patriotic opinions.

mother’s day gossip

May 13, 2007

Poor Joan –
she never married.

And Leslie
never had children.

And wasn’t it a shame
about Marla?

Too bad –
she was such a pretty girl…

gangsters and sluts

May 11, 2007

If you worship gangsters
you get more gangsters

If you worship sluts
you get more sluts

As-Salamu Alaykum

May 10, 2007

the holiest place
is a handshake


May 9, 2007

Jerusalem –
owned by no one
here for all