who is evil

June 30, 2007

ask anyone
inside the circle,
they will tell you
who is evil.

ask anyone
outside the circle,
they will tell you
who is evil.

Jesus did not…

June 28, 2007

did not write
one word.
(we are told)

his words?

the way he lived:

storm ships

June 22, 2007

those billowy clouds
with voluptuous
set against blue sky

float on their way
to commit raucous
and ruin

tequila sunrise

June 20, 2007

unable to cross
synaptic divides

lay in piles of data
on the shoreline of consciousness

ticonderoga 2

June 18, 2007

poking letters
into this radiant screen

bip bip bip blip
bip bip bip blip…

I think back to
your soft abrasions


June 18, 2007


No more

just spycurity.

No more sleeping
in peace,

 only sleeping
while watched.

image source:

scalpel, hammer, matches

June 16, 2007

dad was often a car
or washing machine
with arms –

to which I handed
a tool, or pack of smokes

the woman who

June 16, 2007

the woman
who decides
to bear
no children

bears hope
to humanity


June 10, 2007

shimmering leaves
wave to the universe
light years away


June 6, 2007

anxious images
over and over again …