August 24, 2009

an occasion
to count
my blessings

this time

April 21, 2009

This time
in this life,

a plateau
to which

I will never


February 23, 2009

no amount
of insecticide
will help

pro life breakfast

February 5, 2009

Like reptiles
we eat the embryos
of others.
But mess not!
with ours.

with nature

December 29, 2008

the more i am
with nature –
the less of me
i must kill

On the Outside Looking In

December 21, 2008

You never look
at me.
I often look
at you.

You have
those things
I am told
bring happiness.

I have
those things
I am told
bring shame.

I look into
your restaurant –

you spend
my week’s wages
in a night

so elegant
so white

table cloths
and candles
fine wine
and waiters.

I could go on
and on,

but I have been ordered
to move along…

be the embracer

December 5, 2008

peace is a choice
do not wait for one’s embrace
be the embracer

this is the fun we teach:

November 20, 2008



see: article

Angel Friend – revised

October 9, 2008

I wish I had an angel friend
to watch over your tiny travels,
to walk with you and wander through
daisy stream and meadow.

I wish to have an angel friend
when it becomes your time
to go exploring on your own

to catch you if too high you climb
above this grownup world of pace

too fast to see a child’s face.

Who is Evil

August 26, 2008

Ask anyone
inside a circle,
they will tell you
who is evil.

Ask anyone
outside a circle,
they will tell you
who is evil.