hand out condoms

November 14, 2007

hand out condoms
shelter people from abuse
talk to the lonely

instead we preach hell
build mansions
brick walls

against a grey sky

November 13, 2007

a last leaf holds on
brown and brittle it shakes
losing small pieces


August 13, 2007


so many years –
I was thinking all along
we were made to last

artist: Bruce Wood


June 10, 2007

shimmering leaves
wave to the universe
light years away


May 9, 2007

Jerusalem –
owned by no one
here for all

buddha says

April 10, 2007

buddha says he is
process not prophet
millions not one

how could
the infinite
be otherwise

spermatozoa’s ark

March 5, 2007

carry chromosomal pairs
into our future


long journey

March 3, 2007




the sky rests
upon the earth
in a pond



February 26, 2007

I am again without a computer for an indeterminate amount of time.  I will therefore not be visiting, commenting, or responding even at the paltry rate you are sadly accustomed to. 

Please pray for my computer.