spiritual guests

January 16, 2008


We are spiritual guests on this earth
and should not join in the killing cycle.


January 8, 2008

I am a person
this is precious
because you are


peaceful heart
peaceful mind

and smile
a loving mantra


holding on, letting go

April 4, 2007

when my anger changes
everything changes

HCG 87 galaxy group

January 25, 2007


this universe
is so vast
it must be small


picture source

your choice

January 5, 2007

if you believe you are alone –
you are always alone

if you believe in guidance –
it is everywhere



November 7, 2006

it does not matter
how long I live
as long as I generate peace


how to pay for Dom Perignon

October 26, 2006

before you place
money in hand –
blow off the dead
like dust


healing mind

August 21, 2006


Healers dwell
in the valleys
and hills
of mind

There is magic
to be done
with the energy
of thought

Call out

Invite these sweet gifts
of light
from within


breathe peace

July 3, 2006

breathe peace
into your soul
with every step

it is
the way
God is
in this world –



inspired by the writings of Tich Nhat Hanh