be the embracer

February 14, 2017

Love I

love is a choice
do not wait for one’s embrace
be the embacer


photo by: Harvey Edwards

Let it Snow

December 11, 2008

tonight we huddle –
crackling fire gives forth
all we will need

mazama moonshine

December 4, 2008


it guides our way home
moonlight on ghostly tracks
we left in daylight


against the dark sky

November 10, 2008

Bare Trees in Winter,Yosemite National Park, California, USA

just one leaf holds on
brown and brittle it struggles
loosing some pieces

image source:

water gap

October 14, 2008

two mountains reach down
cup the river in bedrock
eternal playmates

painting by Edward Raymes

on the cosmic watch list

October 7, 2008

Stars in the Night Sky
we exist for now
they watch us and hope
we take hold

image source:

or perhaps i into it

October 7, 2008

last week
at no particular time
it fell into me


September 10, 2008

anxious images
over and over again…

haiku polka

August 15, 2008

old poem
like an accordion
i open it

wolf turnpike

August 14, 2008

i run with this pack
fast and cohesive we move
through the falling night