Is he gay?

April 26, 2007

Is he gay?
Is she gay?
Who cares…


April 22, 2007

What Would FOX Network Do?

Add tits and slow motion.

Shame on NBC

April 19, 2007

Imagine the pain of those families witnessing the murderous prelude to their loved ones’ death. Everywhere they turn is the last face their child saw.

Oh sure, Mr. NBC will say the “public has a right to know”. It would be “censoring” if they chose not to broadcast Cho Seung-Hui’s video and instead handed it immediately over to the police.

Bogus. Every day NBC “censors” out a hundred newsworthy stories because they are not sensational or sexy enough. NBC’s decision to broadcast the video is further evidence that network “news” is primarily gratuitous entertainment.

Whats next? Funniest Psycho Killer Home Videos?

clean fill wanted

April 10, 2007


there is a reason
help wanted ads
are in boxes

image source

buddha says

April 10, 2007

buddha says he is
process not prophet
millions not one


peaceful heart
peaceful mind

and smile
a loving mantra


holding on, letting go

April 4, 2007

when my anger changes
everything changes

“so what”

April 2, 2007


 Warhol said it a million times in his life.
when discounted and rejected
he never gave up.

Self-Portrait 1986

I killed
your mother
and father

your home
soiled your garden
tortured your brother
raped your sister

it was all done
for my good

you are a stage
from which
I take leave