Let Them Eat Cake…

December 16, 2009

I thought the waste and insensitivity were about to end.

Look Here:

Dream Chipper

June 29, 2009

Run my dreams
through the chipper
down the chute –
into the hole.

Cover this bootless
pile with

The green blades will bend
beneath my shiny shoes:
I toss the kids into the air
they float down like elm seeds.

the wife
from her

Put me
on the train
clickity clack
clickity clack.

Run the tunnel
ride the shaft
bury me in a prolapsed mine
of glass and steel.

the boss
from his

I kneel in church
and stare at the bodies before me.

(I traded my soul
for these marching boots.)

We half believe

bigger is

I am frozen
in a pious pose.


the devil makes me do it

March 16, 2009

Rather than deny
our beastly origins,

let us embrace
the little monsters.

We cannot teach those
we do not embrace.

We tend to kill them.

Hey kids its Gasoline CANDY!

It’s COOL!

Everyone is lovin’ it!
So should you!


If I do speak up –
how will I feed my family?

If I do not speak up
how will I sleep?

(in front of the tv)
(clutching a beer)

All that is required –
blind obedience

to the keepers
of the “truth”.

In the middle of town they stood on each corner
yelling words they believed to be God’s.
Their silent wives held signs as if crosses.
The pictures of Jesus dripped Ashouran blood.

Yet another tear parade.
(We have all been wronged.)

Mohammad and Jesus in an elevator stuck.
Would they battle or avoid the others’ eye?
Embrace as a force of love?
Divide the world like bloody soul pie?

I would bet on love.
I would bet on love again.

Dying in some cesspool place
no chance to embrace YOUR divinity.
Condemned by GOD to more suffering,
I want no part of such DEITY.

Ask Mister Helpful

July 31, 2008


Dear Mister Helpful,

I love to eat at McDonald’s because it is cool and the food is really really good. But every time I eat there I feel sick about 45 minutes later. What should I do?

Signed, Nauseous in Nashua


Dear Nauseous,

Try eating 45 minutes earlier.

I’m lovin’ it,

Mr. H.

concrete god

June 11, 2008

Is God not concrete
enough for you?

Do you need more
than knowing?

Do you need
tricks and promises?
channelers and experts?
pomp and ceremony?

the fear of hell?