the art of following 2

February 28, 2007

by descending
a deep
of required thinking.

With each
move further
from the truth.

to where
a flashlight
is called the sunlight.

you will stay
to follow
a manufactured god.


the art of following

February 28, 2007

All that is required –
blind obedience
to keepers of the “truth”.

( Not to truth –
but to its “keepers”. )


February 26, 2007

I am again without a computer for an indeterminate amount of time.  I will therefore not be visiting, commenting, or responding even at the paltry rate you are sadly accustomed to. 

Please pray for my computer.



pretzel arm

February 21, 2007

I am one of those people who love to sweat. Whether running full stride on a warm evening or playing pick-up basketball in the steamy sun, it all seems very cleansing to me.

When I was young, I remember playing with friends, cousins, and siblings long after dark. We would play hide and seek, flashlight tag, and spy. Dirt rings formed around our necks and became badges of festive accomplishment – Doctor of Fun. We went indoors only when enticed by ice cream or threatened with the loss of privilege.

Upon entering the house, a ghostly light in the living room would reveal a gaggle of younger children already lying on the floor facing the television. Their bowls of ice cream sat protected in front of each of them. Quickly we’d run into the kitchen for our share and then peck our way onto the rug which had now become a beach.

As my body cooled, salt formed on the skin. I could lick my forearm like a big pretzel. It seemed a shame to take a bath and wash it all off.


February 19, 2007

independence is something
which happens to countries,
loyalty is something
which happens to us

– citizen number 3t10b2m055103

unlikely propositions:

February 15, 2007

to principle
through politics

to God
through religion


You believe in
no forgiveness

no redemption
no hope

no Allah

no God.

You have been

Little Debbie of Death

February 14, 2007


be my valentine
(with eight twin-wrapped cakes
of corn syrup
processed sugar
processed flour
interesterified palm oil
partially hydrogenated
cottonseed oil
propylene glycol
polysorbate 60
red 40
twenty three other ingredients –
all for $1.05 )

I will love you forever
(with 3 grams of
artery clogging
surgery producing
medicine funding
saturated fat
per tiny tasteless cake)

you are my sweetheart
(with 26 grams
of system shocking
limb losing
rehab needing
insulin breeding
heart pumping sugar
per two cake “serving”)

when I am only bones

February 10, 2007


when I can no longer recall
I will tell stories

when I am only bones
I will be your fence

photo source:

big city bound

February 6, 2007


as we get closer
smells like someone is grilling
old radios


artist: greg jalbert