armageddon oops

September 26, 2006

What if it all explodes,
the universe inside
pushed through
its fragile shell

all that exists
above the big hole.

What if bricks fly
like leaves in a hurricane,

cellos burn like straw,
fingers napalm
lips paper.

Will you hail the second coming?

he is a coward

September 18, 2006

he once stopped by
and promised to resolve
my shattered bones.

he dried my tears,
placed a candle in my heart,
but not a flame.

he proclaimed,
I will never abandon you.
then he left.

he left to have sex
with violence – like John Wayne
slapping a woman.

although he showed up again,
he never returned.
he is not a builder.

nine was was

September 11, 2006

It seemed a time of respect.

Skies were skies,
no chalky lines

of manufactured smoke,
only birds and clouds and flags.

was not yet entertainment.

Guns and cleavage
had temporarily disappeared from the screen.

Reflection and restraint
seemed a collective value.

Never to return,
we lived briefly

in the peaceful eye
of chaos.


September 11, 2006

September 10, 2001:
Sausage $1.99/lb

September 11, 2001:
God Bless America!

October 11, 2001:
God Bless America!
Sausage $1.99/lb

September 11, 2002:
sausage 2.29/lb

perhaps 6

September 6, 2006

this earth is a canvas
upon which
the universe paints
her truths

and souls come by
to experience
this display of