the mountains

August 12, 2008

the mountains watch us
grandparents in a chair
we play at their feet


July 20, 2008

the mountain curves down
cups the stream in bedrock –
eternal playmates

quicksilver stream
mixes gold and crimson leaves
coloring motion

tonight we huddle
blazing fire gives forth
all we require

a twisp of clouds
approach the silver face
a watching moon

disco moon

July 20, 2008


all eyes on the sky
this moon is a disco moon
campfires dance

picture credit


July 7, 2008

the footpath scrambles
deeper into this ravine
stones tumble ahead


Scars give Mother Earth more character!

leave that tree alone

January 12, 2008


Tonight Buddy and I roamed the streets of our town. He is an Airedale terrier and loves to be vigilant. Unfortunately his eyesight is not keen and he will often mistake something like a fire hydrant for a possible attacker.

Along our route were many discarded Christmas trees abandoned at curbside. Perceiving them as critters, Buddy would pitch forward on the leash at each sighting. It made these sad encounters refreshingly comical.

I could not help but reflect on all the resources we put into these trees: the time, land, labor, fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, shipping, selling, buying, decorating, stripping, tossing, and disposing. Over 100 million of these trees are harvested worldwide each year. It seems a waste.

against a grey sky

November 13, 2007

a last leaf holds on
brown and brittle it shakes
losing small pieces

long journey

October 17, 2007


the sky rests
upon the earth
in a pond


dying for Christmas

January 20, 2007


The tree we cut
and carried
into our home

the one
we shackled
sang to
and toasted

(rip a suckling child
from its mother)

(put makeup on a statue)

(be happy at a rape)

now lies on
its side


with her hooks
and tinsel
riffling in the wind

photo by: Matthew Drumright