To Make No Waves



we are called to act in fellowship.

(it is a SIN to miss the ceremonies!)

we are asked to think beyond our selves –

(the only way to save your sorry ass is to OBEY!)

beyond sex and possessions beyond security and agenda.

(the most important thing is to avoid HELL!)

we are asked to dive in and swim upstream,

(keep your nose in the BOOK!)

living our lives to serve others …


O’s crib
$50 million
23,000 sq ft
14 bathrooms
2 butts

Velcro – Unzipped

July 15, 2006

why a following
and not faith?
why signs
and no horizons?
why flesh
but no sight?

why not faith
and no following?
why not horizons
with no signs?
why not sight
but not flesh?



To Make No Waves

tombstone, may have avoided3.jpg

To avoid Hell