Dear Bishop

November 18, 2008

and what about the violence
once they leave the womb?


July 8, 2007


Bone grit
explodes into
a thousand ripples,

welcoming home
her borrowed

painting by Nancy Stutes

pro-death penalty


mother’s day gossip

May 13, 2007

Poor Joan –
she never married.

And Leslie
never had children.

And wasn’t it a shame
about Marla?

Too bad –
she was such a pretty girl…

I wish I had an angel friend
to watch over your tiny travels –
to walk with you through wander worlds
of daisy, stream, and meadow.

I wish to have an angel friend
when it becomes your time
to go exploring on your own

to catch you if too high you climb
above this grownup world of pace

too fast to see my child’s face.


he didn’t ask to be born

November 26, 2006

that little boy
born to a dirtbag
who was born to a dirtbag
who was once a little boy
who did not ask to be born…

the birthing wall

July 25, 2006

the air rushes in
bringing total consciousness
to a sudden stop