handful montana

May 7, 2008

Disney is a business. Vanity Fair is a business. Hannah Montana is a business. They are concerned with profit, not family.

Parents are the ones who facilitate this bullshit of worship and consumption. Wake up adults. There is life beyond the Skinner box of commercial culture. You can start by turning off the television.

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To Make No Waves


whi/te boys gone
to the moon
plantin flags & stuff
why you boys goin
to the moon
dont yall think
yall done fucked up enuf
without messing
with somebody else’s world
in the beginning
it was africa
you just wanted to see
you said
& once having seen
commenced to fucking up
open up them china gates
& let’s hunt tigers in india
you whi/te boys sho nuff likes
what ever anybody else has
all ways got to be
digging in somebody’s bag
always got to be plantin flags & stuff
whi/te boys done gone
to the moon
just like they come here
talking bout it’s a
great adventure & we is
the first ones here
& plantin flags
whi/te boys gone to the moon
whi/te boys done gone to the moon
sho hope them lil brothers up there
dont show um how
to plant corn

– Kalamu ya Salaam

They were just 23

November 14, 2007

It seems like mankind
is just twenty three –


October 20, 2007


there are
no soldiers
we have all
died in


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schizoid curriculum

September 12, 2007

Can one resolve this ?
I am taught to dismiss.
I am taught to love.


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At night I walk the dog throughout our neighborhood. I hear no songs being sung. I hear no instruments in practice. I see no families gathered at tables.  Only head after head facing electronic screens.  House after house plugged in for the night.

Frame after frame – like electron freight cars to the mind – they dump tons of cues mixed with bullshit.

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why do it that way?

March 1, 2007

this may be
your only life –

so why do it
like everyone else?


the art of following 2

February 28, 2007

by descending
a deep
of required thinking.

With each
move further
from the truth.

to where
a flashlight
is called the sunlight.

you will stay
to follow
a manufactured god.