let the gods throw chairs
at each other

claiming truth
as property

shattering bones
snapping their names

while Buddha sits peacefully
under the table

how to pay for Dom Perignon

October 26, 2006

before you place
money in hand –
blow off the dead
like dust


bandura’s box

October 23, 2006

you do as eye do
see what eye see:

one school shooting
creates another…

one head stomp
will stomp again…


If you believe this is sure to happen:
Is peace – right now – your enemy?

let me put it another way

October 14, 2006

If you believe there can be no peace until the second coming, and that future war is predestined, and necessary, and there is nothing you can do about it – how can you truly work for peace? How can you put your heart and soul into building a world which is safe for any child – if you believe you are powerless? If you believe that reality is a function of magical forces.  Forced conversion. Inexorable cataclysm.

As for me, I don’t need “experts” to interpret God’s plea made to all of us time and time again: LOVE THY NEIGHBOR…


October 14, 2006

I let down my guard
with Ella, Mel, and Dee Dee –
scat liberation!

the wood

October 13, 2006

routine commotion
throughout the woods
as raindrops enter

worlds end park

October 9, 2006

all eyes on the sky
this moon is a disco moon
campfires dancing


those we now call holy

October 2, 2006

those who truly touched the sublime
who walked in the Light
spoke only of

and Peace.

everything else you are told
everything else you read
are the manipulations

of men