August 6, 2009


i scratch and rub
my woolly

i scratch and rub
this universe

spiritual guests

January 16, 2008


We are spiritual guests on this earth
and should not join in the killing cycle.


June 10, 2007

shimmering leaves
wave to the universe
light years away

the art of following

February 28, 2007

All that is required –
blind obedience
to keepers of the “truth”.

( Not to truth –
but to its “keepers”. )

HCG 87 galaxy group

January 25, 2007


this universe
is so vast
it must be small


picture source

this is
the dimension
of acute pleasure

of explosion –

its origins dictate such.

is very much
elsewhere –

infinities other than

this one.


your choice

January 5, 2007

if you believe you are alone –
you are always alone

if you believe in guidance –
it is everywhere


disco moon

January 4, 2007


all eyes on the sky
this moon is a disco moon!
we dance tonight!


spirit becoming

November 27, 2006


the gases
the stone
the life forms
the consciousness

we must build
on what has become,
not destroy it