infusion or mutation

January 22, 2009

shadows emerge
we take flight

we take flight

we forever
take flight

from one moment
to the next

we take flight

until –

we are willing
to die

to stand
our ground

not waver
nor blink

stand our ground

and be swatted.

back to the back of the bus

January 20, 2009

Here we are again
honoring  leaders
as if kings and queens.

All hail _______!
( Ambassador, Senator, President, Judge, Bishop, Governor…)

they require
more deference than you.

Their interests
more important
than yours.

It is a paradigm
the founders
could not transcend –

monarchy and privilege,

justified as
the way things are

as the sign reads:

Those of you without a gown –
move to the back of the bus.


January 1, 2009


“what is good for children
is good for mankind” –

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