dying for Chrtistmas

December 2, 2008


The tree we cut
and carried
into our home

the one
we shackled

sang to

now lies
in the gutter

and tinsel
riffling on the wind

photo by: Matthew Drumright


Strobe your masses
with the seen and unseen.

Feed them “must watch”
“must play” content.

Imply jobs
are supposed to suck.

Live for the weekend.

Cast excessive living
as ultimate meaning.

Declare it unpatriotic or uncool
to think otherwise.

Render freedom irrelevant.

against the dark sky

November 10, 2008

Bare Trees in Winter,Yosemite National Park, California, USA

just one leaf holds on
brown and brittle it struggles
loosing some pieces

image source: AllPosters.com

water gap

October 14, 2008

two mountains reach down
cup the river in bedrock
eternal playmates

painting by Edward Raymes

haiku helper

August 13, 2008

blue red yellow white
earth tree water sky
season to taste

July 28, 2008


early raindrops fall
then many over many
birds nestle in

photo by Michael Kenna

big pine

July 25, 2008

big pine
in silent mist –
a whale