God Is Free

January 27, 2008

You don’t have to get cleansed
cleared or confirmed

You don’t have to pay tribute

God is as free as your next breath
your next smile


a new year thought

January 1, 2008


and Prosperity
for the Poor

(for a change)



October 20, 2007


there are
no soldiers
we have all
died in


picture credit

truth defined

July 7, 2007

seems to me
infinite truth
would be a process…

not [a static linear system]

how could
the infinite
be otherwise

this is
the dimension
of acute pleasure

of explosion –

its origins dictate such.

is very much
elsewhere –

infinities other than

this one.


Eternity smiles

May 5, 2006

On a cold still night
moon lights the room.

I hold her upon my lap
a  warm tiny bundle.

Her dark eyes
search this space

as we rock in time
with the universe…