June 16, 2009

“Only Christ can unite a very sick and sinful human race.”


April 17, 2008

What is to fear in a Sea of Joy?
What is to fear in a Great Spirit?
What is to fear in a Loving God?

God Is Free

January 27, 2008

You don’t have to get cleansed
cleared or confirmed

You don’t have to pay tribute

God is as free as your next breath
your next smile


dear God

December 10, 2007

help us to understand
(not that we would change

God has no hands

December 10, 2007

God has no hands.
We are the ones
with the hands!

as if

December 7, 2007

as if a loving God
would sentence one child
to damnation

EWTN watch

November 5, 2007

Heard on Nov. 3, 2007:

“Only Christ can unite a very sick and sinful human race.”

(Oh, by the way, speaking of sick and sinful – look at the cost of this merchandise at their website)

How about you?

September 14, 2007

There are billions
who want to live in peace.

All have different beliefs.

That is fine with me.

schizoid curriculum

September 12, 2007

Can one resolve this ?
I am taught to dismiss.
I am taught to love.

metaphysical trash-talk

August 28, 2007

My god is the one true god.
The gonna get you god.

He kicks righteous butt.

Your god is a no god.
It’s a no show god.

You must accept my god.
Or you burn in hell.

I will convert you
– dead or alive.