Hub Bones

December 29, 2008

Freddie’s dead,
dead is.

Amen to this
in jazz
and life
who ground his horn
on the edge.

armageddon oops

August 27, 2007

what if it all explodes,
the universe inside
bursting open
its fragile shell

all that exists
above the big hole.

what if bricks fly
like leaves in a hurricane

and cellos burn like straw,
fingers like napalm
lips like paper

will you hail the second coming?

dad wore hats

August 30, 2006

not when he should have

on a cold bright day
he would yell to us
where is your hat?
while the wind played
in his hair.

nor the way he should have

it was always
crunched atop his head
by a nephew or daughter
running around our backyard
at a picnic.

nor what he should have

into the dewy night
the adults would sing
heads touching in harmony
dad smoking a Chesterfield
wearing a bonnet.