fear enslaves us

September 11, 2008

each place –
its own box
of terror.

You always believe
ends justify means…

If only otherwise…

September 11, 2007


We heard oral sex
ten thousand times
than terrorism.

We saw her face
ten thousand times
than the evildoer.


photo source:

sign eleven

September 10, 2007

September 10, 2001
Sausage 1.99/lb

September 12, 2001
God Bless America!

October 12, 2001
God Bless America!
Sausage 1.99/lb

October 12, 2002
Sausage 2.29/lb

nine was was

September 9, 2007

It seemed a time of respect.

Skies were skies,

no chalky lines
of jet smoke –

only bird and cloud and flag.

was not yet entertainment.

Booty and bullets
disappeared from the screen.

Reflection and restraint
seemed a collective value.

Never to return,

we lived briefly
in the eye of a blood storm