dueling uncles

July 22, 2007

through the night
they snore…
beers or not

late or not
it matters not
they snore…

i guess jesus told us
to build high schools
where the boys can play
smash mouth football

I guess jesus told us
to raise money
through gambling
and goodies and threats.

to build massive cathedrals
wear luxurious robes
collect art
marginalize women.

to spend our time

i guess jesus told us,
though i don’t remember.

i remember thinking jesus
was a call to action:

question authority
love your fellow
be not afraid.

i guess i was wrong.


July 8, 2007


She greets us
at the dock.
We hold her ashes.

From the boat
we cast them upon
her river.

Bone grit
explodes into
a thousand ripples,

welcoming home
her borrowed

painting by Nancy Stutes

truth defined

July 7, 2007

seems to me
infinite truth
would be a process…

not [a static linear system]