Ask Mister Helpful

July 31, 2008


Dear Mister Helpful,

I love to eat at McDonald’s because it is cool and the food is really really good. But every time I eat there I feel sick about 45 minutes later. What should I do?

Signed, Nauseous in Nashua


Dear Nauseous,

Try eating 45 minutes earlier.

I’m lovin’ it,

Mr. H.

ADD ambulance

July 30, 2008

Hello ADD ambulance, Dave speaking…
Wait – let me get a pencil.

Ok, where was that?
Ok, we’re on our way.

Let’s go – heart attack –
43 Sechrist .

Sechrist or Sea Crest?

Shit. I’m not sure.
Shit! We’re on empty.

Good, I need coffee.

Shit. I need smokes.

July 28, 2008


early raindrops fall
then many over many
birds nestle in

photo by Michael Kenna

ant picnic

July 28, 2008


into the

dust orange sky

we bring chocolate for dipping

July 28, 2008

this patch of earth
it is as good as any-
the day touches all

near twisp

July 27, 2008

near twisp
the sky bleeds

photo source:

on the fence

July 26, 2008

phases of the moon
a slow wink to the cats
gathered each night

big pine

July 25, 2008

big pine
in silent mist –
a whale

Twilight on the porch

July 23, 2008

It’s a big ass mosquito!
whap whap

Damn… it was daddy long legs…

sorry man.

(He staggers away
from my reach.)

summer haiku

July 22, 2008

summer evening
the humming bird feeds
impatiens flutter

spun in ice
the cream we stole from the barn
cools our night

thunderheads rumble
softly in the distance