this time

April 21, 2009

This time
in this life,

a plateau
to which

I will never


February 26, 2009

i am in
the here and now
now and then

city bound

February 24, 2009


deep inside civilization
big trucks roll by
little cars shake

photo by:Bill Emory

with nature

December 29, 2008

the more i am
with nature –
the less of me
i must kill

on the cosmic watch list

October 7, 2008

Stars in the Night Sky
we exist for now
they watch us and hope
we take hold

image source:


colony collapse
restless legs
identity theft
tainted eggs

leaded Barbie
cancer genes
home invasion
tainted greens

diseased hearts
deadly sin
broken parts
tumbling in

tasered youth
speech bereft
monks for truth
what love is left?

popping pills
guns in school
glossy pages
skinny cool

homeless nola
no one cares
bullies at war
shiny wares

early risers
sound alarms,
can’t convince
of coming harms


July 7, 2008

the footpath scrambles
deeper into this ravine
stones tumble ahead

Is he gay?

June 25, 2008

Is he gay?
Is she gay?
Who cares…

concrete god

June 11, 2008

Is God not concrete
enough for you?

Do you need more
than knowing?

Do you need
tricks and promises?
channelers and experts?
pomp and ceremony?

the fear of hell?