Look mommy, there’s the Ronald McDonald constellation!

June 1, 2006

The marketing
will not rest
until every
inch of earth and sky
is covered
with corporate logos
like a NAS CAR:

This oak tree
is sponsored
by Viagra
Miller Lite
and Little Debbie

That cloud
by Marlboro
and STP

This stream
by Jim Beam…

2 Responses to “Look mommy, there’s the Ronald McDonald constellation!”

  1. NJkid Says:

    NASCAR on trees? We may be heading there.Having always been interested in the sterotype I attended my first race . It was even more than i had suspected. It should be renamed National Assoc. of swearing and alcohol consumption. To each his own. It’s still neat to watch on the tube.

  2. fencer Says:

    I like the dispassionate nailing-it tone you get sometimes. I strive for that truth-telling manner, too… but always a work in progress.

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