Missing Him

June 14, 2006

Let’s work backwards:

First, I will miss him just sitting in his chair
content to smile as if he had no needs –
connected by spirit, happy to be.

I will miss the shuffle of his brave feet
planting the walker ahead like an ice axe;
climbing mountains we could not see.

I will miss him presiding above the fondue
a sorcerer in the candle light,
stirring up batches of yuletide glee.

I will miss him saying grace at the helm
from which he would love, work, and lead
a life of no regret – a life of family.

4 Responses to “Missing Him”

  1. imperfect Says:

    that’s one of the most beautiful words you could say about your dad.
    it hurts sometimes, but memories of him should be inspiration to you. that’s what he would have wanted right?

  2. booty Says:

    i really hate this poem
    because it makes me think
    of “him” alot
    but then to think about it
    i actually really like this poem
    i miss you so much toulue
    *sniff* *sniff*

  3. qazse Says:

    booty, it is good to remember the ones we miss.

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