the almost-whistleblower compromising blues

July 2, 2006

If I do not
speak up –

who will?

If I do
speak up –

how will I feed my family?

If I do not
speak up –

how will I sleep?

(in front of the tv)
(clutching a beer)

4 Responses to “the almost-whistleblower compromising blues”

  1. NJkid Says:

    It’s all relative. If someone crosses the line – speak up – you will not go hungry(however you will never get rich) – and you will sleep so much better.

  2. qazse Says:

    I agree with what you say in principle. However, in some countries you may go hungry.
    Many workers tolerate being surrounded by waste and mediocrity (not to mention inequity and noxious effluent) every day. Many know of fraud and other unethical activities.

    Many feel unheard and expendable. I believe workers have an inate desire to be part of something which is excellent. They want to feel competent , valuable, regarded, and part of the team. Too often they are treated as children and therefore react like children. I believe far too many workers become cynical and see their jobs as something to endure until the weekend. Many crash in front of the television on worknights and tune out to mush because they feel helpless and hopeless.

    Once you start a family then get a mortgage (ie the American Dream), they got you where they want you: just shut up and work work work…

    I spoke up on many occasions in my field. I spoke to my professional codes of ethics and best practices as established by research. I sought solutions rather than seeking heads. I got a reputation as a “trouble maker:” I was blackballed in most circles.

    In many countries around the world speaking up will get you tortured or killed.

    It is sad. Work ought to bring pride and joy into our lives.

    Always nice to hear from you NJkid. Are you any relation to Jason Kidd of the NJ Nets?

  3. NJkid Says:

    No relation to Jason Kidd – but funny you should mention him – he is one of the few remaining NBA players I enjoy watching.

  4. qazse Says:

    I enjoyed watching Dwayne Wade. No one seemed able to guard him during the finals. In fact, at times the defense seemed to give him a lane. It reminded me of the scene in the Ten Commandments where Charlton Moses Heston parts the Red Sea.

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