Perhaps… 2

July 6, 2006

our lives
are the
hands of God
kneading Love
into the protoplasm


4 Responses to “Perhaps… 2”

  1. mandellc Says:

    This is so beautiful — but sometimes I feel as if needing love is destructive rather than a way of participating in God’s creativity. Maybe where evil lies, or maybe where we have free will, is in how we express our love needs — some ways turn into kneading, some do not?

  2. qazse Says:

    I agree.

    When I was envisioning love in this scenario (poem) it was the type referred to by some writers as agape. Which is love that is spiritual, not sexual, in its nature.

    Regarding the need for love being “destructive”. It certainly can be. I think it depends on the degree of and reason for the need. If it is the biological need, just stay rational. If the need comes from feelings of inadequacy, a romance is the last thing one needs. It probably will turn destructive

    What do you think?

  3. mandellc Says:

    Agape versus eros, yes. And I agree also about it springing from feelings of inadequacy. I think sometimes love can be about wanting to make the grade, wanting someone whom you admire to admire you. It involves using them — probably using them to stake out your own salvation, loving for “saving grace” (to quote Tom Petty) in the wrong place.

  4. qazse Says:

    For me it was certainly that way. As a young man I believed you needed to have a girlfriend in order to be considered legitimate. So much time I wasted.

    Sure it was fun at times but mostly stupid.

    Disney Inc. is pushing their “Princess” line of merchandise hard. Little girls from three years old on up to eleven are being indoctrinated with lots of messages which will insure future generations of little princesses.

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