haiku by Pfizer

July 10, 2006

she is a shy girl
we medicate her each day
she is a delight


11 Responses to “haiku by Pfizer”

  1. liquidquick Says:

    drugs can hold it back
    but rage is like a cracked dam
    bursting forth one day

  2. bloglily Says:

    Wonderful — both of you!

  3. qazse Says:

    on the commute home
    kicking a homeless beggar
    you become the news

  4. liquidquick Says:

    the kick delivered,
    look at your cold reflection
    no longer human

  5. qazse Says:

    commuting for years
    the inexorable end
    to corporate life

  6. liquidquick Says:

    end of corporate path
    beggar is your innocence
    was the kick worth it?

  7. qazse Says:

    now:co-pay no more
    top dollar for medicines
    Pfizer is master

    anger management
    increased pharmaceuticals
    life is good somewhat

  8. liquidquick Says:

    in terms of pharm cos.
    doctrors shouldn’t be loyal,
    but they get kick-backs.

  9. qazse Says:

    I forgot this one

    many years later
    look under a rock he’s there
    early retired

  10. again, makes me think of the happily oblivious pharmaceutical rep giving formula samples to my ob. i wanted to stop her and ask her if she knew her product was 75% more likely to kill a premature baby than his/her mother’s milk. but i guess there’s a pill for that sort of thing.

  11. qazse Says:

    yes Towanda you must learn to relax. If you have trouble like most busy mom’s, we can help. 🙂 Again 🙂 And again 🙂 And again 🙂 Now, that’s more like it 🙂 🙂 🙂

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