the dream chipper

July 25, 2006

Run my dreams
through the chipper
down the chute –
into the hole.

Cover this bootless
pile with
then seed.

I will fertilize
this forsaken treasure
into green blades
which bend beneath my shiny shoes

as I toss the children into the air
and they float down
like elm seeds.

the wife
from her

Put me on the train
clickity clack clickity clack
turn page check watch
wear tie
comb hair
turn page.

Run the tunnel
ride the shaft
bury me twenty stories
above the street
in a prolapsed mine
of glass and steel.

the boss
from his

I sit in church
staring at the butts before me
and trade my soul
for leather boots.

I think someone bigger is watching
so I remain in a pious pose –
another soul


4 Responses to “the dream chipper”

  1. fencer Says:

    I like this… makes me feel the punishing mundane round of days, over too soon. But brightened by “as i toss the children into the air/and they slowly float down/like elm seeds.” Get such a great visual from that.

  2. qazse Says:


    When you say “over too soon” do you mean the punishing days or the poem should be elongated? I thought of expanding it: ride home etc.

    I am glad the visual worked and brought a brightness to the reading.
    This poem came out when I was considering a job which would have consumed my life. I had already been through that scene before.

    I think the poem is about the clash of two fantasies: the white picket fence (with its necessary compromises) versus the unrealized fantasies from childhood. I believe the childhood fantasies are the truest to one’s soul. The others are acquired. Just as hypertension is acquired.

    I applaud those who follow their dreams, whether right out of the gate or late blooming.

  3. twitches Says:

    I wouldn’t make it longer – including the ride home takes the poem somewhere else; I like it ending where it does, encased in the office.

    Although, returning somehow to that wood chipper might be interesting…

    My childhood fantasy was to be a truck driver, so I think I’ll stick with my adult reality.

  4. qazse Says:

    I will think about returning to the chipper. That could be fun. I appreciate your input. I have just become acquainted with your site. I love the poems I have read so far and will continue to visit. Thanks; hope to hear from you again.

    PS: As a kid and young man I loved the outdoors and adventure. I had some training in survival and leadership. However, I grew up near NYC; the oldest in a large, blue collar family. I started working at an early age and had little time or money for adventure in the classical outdoors sense. My life took many adventurous turns but most were indoors.

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