Perhaps… 4

August 8, 2006

We are spiritual guests on this earth
and should not join in the killing cycle.



8 Responses to “Perhaps… 4”

  1. twitches Says:

    Are those your words, or is that a quote? Just curious; it’s lovely. The quote, I mean.

  2. qazse Says:

    Thank you! They are my words. The picture I lifted off an image search. It is not my garage.

  3. twitches Says:

    That’s good to know…

  4. Jules Says:

    That picture right there is exactly why I cannot visit farms – I would die of starvation due to emotional scarring. I went to a raw milk dairy last summer for a tour and didn’t drink milk from any source again for 4 months.

  5. qazse Says:

    cuisine is just another word for “disgusting if you really really think about it”

  6. Hakkani7 Says:


    Peace to you and those who read this,

    I must have been heedless to not have read this : There is truth here, with a capital T – as in “Haqq” – a name from the beautiful names of Allah. That first line, though unkown to many, holds the key to endless oceans, and the secret to the universes. The picture reminds me of a sohbet/(talk through association) my GrandSheykh – Sheykh Nazim al-Hakkani – including words on the merciless slaughtering of birds. His fluency in english may leave some wanting, but he speaks directly to the heart. His exact words were:

    “I heard that in Indonesia (there is) bird flu. (A) big newspaper (was) writing that: “Just appeared through Indonesia birdflu and just died 5 persons.”Subhanallah! Indonesia is one biggest state of Islamic World; going to be its inhabitants 300 million people and you are saying: “Five people?”, and (you are) saying: “Kill birds?” In Turkey for ten people – that [they] are not understanding if it is birdflu or another thing – they killed 25 million birds, hens, chicken. For what? For ten people!

    These people, Allah gives His blessings to them? Never! Never! Never! But people lost to think, they are not thinking. They are saying (it) to each other also: “Oh, in Indonesia just appeared bird flu!” That (one is) saying (it) to that one and (then) fearing people, “How many people (died)? Five people dying.” How many living people (there)?
    300 million people (are) living there. (They are) so ignorant people!”

    “Who are you? (*to himself*)I am nothing. But I am saying: Even I am so small one, but I am saying I am (a) defender of Truth! That gives me honour! I am not hoping any honour from to be President or Prime Minister, or King or Queen, or Rector, no, no! (There is) no honour for that titles, they are titles without meaning. They are cheating no-mind(heedless) people, …No one (is) saying: I am (a) defender of truth!? You must try to be defenders of Truth!”

    Your words, are boldly in the spirit of defending that Truth. Well Done!

    Peace to you friend,


  7. qazse Says:


    Peace to you.

    Thank you for the comment.

    That is a very interesting take on the bird flu situation. My Western mind struggles with it. I think that is a good. We must all listen to the truths each one of us experience.

    As far as defending the Truth, I don’t know what that entails. In the Christian tradition we have many sects who have persecuted other sects over “defending the Truth”. Many who were persecuted in Europe fled to this country to practice their beliefs freely. Many of them in turn bought into labeling the native Americans as “savages” and proceded to persecute them. It is a sad cycle predicated upon “me” knowing more than “you” (about the inherently unknowable) and therefore being more worthy than ” you”.


  8. Hakkani7 Says:


    Peace and Blessings Herb,

    As our Holy Prophet(ASWS) has said, Deen an Naseehat, or ‘Religion is Advice’. My Sheykh, after every association says, “I speak for you and for me. If you like what you hear, take it. If you think it is of any benefit to you, take and apply it. If not, if you think my words don’t apply to you, leave them. I will take them back with me. I know I can use them”

    There is no force or compulsion in religion and the persecution/oppression/denial of others and others’ rights betrays a diseased heart. It is up to all, to believe or to deny. But, as my Sheykh is saying, denying something, is not changing that reality. The desire behind heeding God, is only as strong as the belief that not only does God know what is best for His creation, but that He *wants* what is best for His creation.

    For your last sentence, I can only repeat what our GrandSheykh is saying regarding the whole concept of ‘me’ being any better than ‘you’: “We are trying to be nothing. As long as we are something our ego is going to fool us”


    the Imam-at-Tariqa, (the Master of the Path), Shah Baha-uddin Nakshband (From Whom comes the Namesake of our Way – Nakshibendi Way):

    “If a man went to Mecca and destroyed the Holy Mosque, his sin would be less than for one who breaks a person’s heart.”

    Peace to you Herb, and Protection for your family. May you and yours not be burdened more than you can carry. Ameen.


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