August 9, 2006

the centipede sits
crossing fifty sets of legs –
tao under a rock

21 Responses to “zentipede”

  1. twitches Says:

    “zentipede” – very clever. The Praying Mantis, however, being a good Christian, would probably kick his ass.

  2. qazse Says:

    your’e on

    meet us by the rotting tree trunk at noon

  3. liquidquick Says:

    with a hundred feet
    it would take Zen a long time
    to dole out his blows

    praying mantis might
    look like a good christian but…
    he’s thinking ‘chicks’, ‘rum’

  4. qazse Says:

    quickly, before fight
    a stiff cuba libre with
    marilyn mantis

  5. liquidquick Says:

    mantis and the zen
    sing drinking songs at the stump
    booze – the friend maker

  6. twitches Says:

    I have nothing more to add.

  7. qazse Says:

    twitches, it cannot be for lack of well rendered words – must be exasperation. I am sorry I will stop this silliness immediately.

    liquidquick – I am having you replace Condoleezza Rice. Pack your bags, no liquid, just quick. You can purchase plenty of booze when you land.

    Perhaps the peace pipe is supposed to blow bubbles instead of smoke. Here we were thinking all along it was supposed to smoke. No wonder there is no peace.

  8. bloglily Says:

    Bubbles indeed. Maybe champagne?

    I feel like I’m evesdropping on a poetry cell, something I didn’t know existed.

  9. qazse Says:

    ahh yes champagne, perhaps a reasonably priced French champagne… we will call it freedom fizz…

    yes BL you have shone the light of discovery on a subterranean haiku cell. You must swear to secrecy or else we will fill your inbox with lousy haiku written by parents the night before their disinterested children must hand them in. You would need a magnum of the bubbly to tolerate such an insult  to your literary acumen. I know I can trust you.

  10. twitches Says:

    I’ve almost got the haiku martyrdom video ready. Just need to add the muscial accompaniment. Has anyone seen my castanets?

  11. qazse Says:

    I heard they are lovely.

  12. Jules Says:

    Thanks for the entertainment of this post and its comments for the last few days. I’ve had nothing smart or snarky to add, but am laughing out loud at the double entendre above.

  13. qazse Says:

    Hey Jules. Thank you for checking it out. I thought Twitches was appearing on the next Poets Gone Wild video. That is the video series where perverts ride around literary conventions asking the women to “show me your couplets”. But it was all a big misunderstanding. She actually lost her couplets, I mean castanets, and has asked everyone to help her find them. It will be a challenge because I don’t even know where she lives. Oh well, I have to go now. I am tearing the garage apart looking for the castanets.

  14. liquidquick Says:

    bite your tongue, qazse, there’s nothing ‘subterranean’ about it. as a registered haiku-snob i prefer my cells to be well-lit and upscale.

    for the soundtrack, twitches, i hear kazoos are making a musical comeback, which, of course inspired a haiku…

    kazoos and haiku
    like peanut butter and cheese,
    oddly well-suited

  15. qazse Says:

    another drive-by haiku by the Speed Racer of Haikudom, the amazing mercurial Liquidquick!

  16. Towanda, Amazonian Jungle Temptress Says:

    haven’t been here in so long, and i don’t know why. god, i love this site! and hey, where’s my t-shirt? i was told if i flashed my couplets i’d get a t-shirt!

  17. qazse Says:

    Towanda…the Amazon Jungle Temptress! Thanks for stoping by.

    The t-shirt will soon be on its way. It has a likeness of your couplets printed on the front. There is a small handling fee. Send a $28.99 money order made out to QAZSE c/o wordpress.com.

    I always wondered where the name AJT( Amazon Jungle Temptress ) came from. Care to share? Latte?

    HEY EVERYONE: Check out Towanda’s blog. She is on the Qazse blogroll because she is very passionate and very funny. She reminds me somewhat of Brilliant At Breakfast who is also on the Qazse blogroll.

  18. qazse Says:

    centipede sits
    with fifty sets of legs

  19. liquidquick Says:

    after thinking about this a few days, i still kinda dig the original version best, even if it is 575 format. the deletion of ‘tao’ takes something away from the whole ‘zentipede’ theme. and, at first reading, ‘crossed’ makes me think ‘lounging on a sofa’ not ‘lotus-position meditation’.

    just my $0.02…

  20. qazse Says:

    thank you!

    I see what you mean. One might say the actual body of the poem has been sanitized away from what the title hints at. Zentipede implies zen but nothing follows. Although that is a somewhat zen-like notion or process: a rational expectation (A->B) is asserted yet followed by nothing.

    I erased the original. Do you know how it went?

  21. liquidquick Says:

    not the whole thing unfortunately, if i recall correctly it went

    centipede sits here
    his fifty sets of legs crossed
    tao under a rock

    although, it could do without the ‘here’.

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