black frog

August 24, 2006

mid summer day
frog jumps across road
black bubbles pop

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16 Responses to “black frog”

  1. qazse Says:

    replaces: black foot frog August 16, 2006
    Posted by qazse in Poetry, Nature, Haiku. 8 comments , edit post

    summer is broiling
    a frog hops across the road
    popping tar bubbles

    1. Agnes – August 16, 2006[Edit] Frogs. Popping bubbles. Reminds me of when I lived by a lake in Michigan. Many nights driving home after a rain, I counted all the frogs that “popped” under the car’s tires. Pop. Pop. Pop. Loads of popping frogs.

    2. twitches – August 16, 2006[Edit] EW – we have tons of frogs from the pond in our backyard. I have named them all Jonathan. Last year I popped one in the garage and felt horrible about it afterwards, having named it and all. I never did scrape him off the concrete though.

    3. liquidquick – August 16, 2006[Edit] the frog-king ponders
    ‘how do i protect my flock
    from speeding humans?’

    4. qazse – August 16, 2006[Edit] I like to toss them in a microwave. When the popping stops – they are ready.

    5. fencer – August 17, 2006[Edit] mmmm… tasty!

    6. Jules – August 17, 2006[Edit] Ewww…poor frogs. Growing up with Kermitt the Frog and the Muppitt show – I just can’t help but feel sorry for them…after all, it’s not easy being green.

    7. liquidquick – August 17, 2006[Edit] it is if you’re a twenty…

    8. qazse – August 17, 2006[Edit] poor blackfoot, he or she has gone from popper to poppee.

    Thank you all for stopping by!  Your comments are always appreciated and entertaining.

  2. liquidquick Says:

    are you going for minimilinimism… (try saying that a few times fast…) how bout:

    summer hot
    frog hops
    bubbles pop

  3. qazse Says:

    hey LQ, you are quick!

    minimilinimism…easy for you to say

    to answer your question, yes and no

    I’m just through counting syllables.

    Spontaneity does not manifest itself exclusively in seventeen syllable bytes.

    I like your minimilinimism rendering.

    I remember the good old days when we used to count syllables.

  4. liquidquick Says:

    boiling life’s quirks down
    to seventeen syllables
    is no small challenge

    free-form is fun too
    takes away restrictions and
    widens word gamut

  5. qazse Says:

    True, the 575 format presents a challenge and that in itself can be fun. I have had many enjoyable visits to your blog (sorry if you’re bored…) attempting haiku in response to your posted haiku and will continue to do so. However, I also think it is good to depart from format.

    PS nice 575’s

    chose not to write this
    but chose to write that instead
    something went missing

  6. twitches Says:

    five fits in one hand
    but seven takes extra fin-
    gers to be counted

  7. qazse Says:

    Good Saturday morning twitches!

    clever haiku (clevku)

    It is so true that 575 requires two hands and thereby precludes the concurrent enjoyment of a beverage (or other preoccupations) while composing. That is why Hemingway never took it up.

  8. Jules Says:

    Twitches needs one hand free to hold her chai lattes. Hemmingway…now he’s quite another story, isn’t he.

  9. qazse Says:

    chai latte sounds good right now…actually I was about to make an iced coffee. Wouldn’t it be nice to send material reality through this machine.
    I could share my iced coffee! Naaaahhh…

    Jules, congratulations on the outstanding triathlon!

  10. twitches Says:

    Nah. I have a cupholder.

  11. liquidquick Says:

    my new obsession
    caramel-coffee latte
    in huge quantities

    though i haven’t yet
    tried an ‘iced’ version of this
    think i will, tonight.

  12. qazse Says:

    this sounds like Starbucks?

    I loved visiting Washington state. There are espresso wagons all over.
    I was on the Pacific Crest Trail in the middle of a wilderness preserve. We were ten miles from, and four thousand feet above, the nearest espresso wagon yet I swear I got a whiff of java on more than one occasion.

    I imagine that is what heaven is like, beautiful cascade mountain trails with little espresso wagons every few miles. I’ll have a grande Sumatran and my friends here, Lewis and Clark, are sharing a venti caramel latte.

  13. liquidquick Says:

    what a cool job to be a little-espresso-wagon owner on a mountain trail in heaven.
    my sign would read:

    ‘Tasty Beverage™
    payable in short poems
    and interest-free’

  14. qazse Says:

    late night at Tasty’s
    stars pepper the mountain sky
    aromas mingle

  15. liquidquick Says:

    ok… the new-new obsession

    • boil water
    • in a mug mix one teaspoon each of instant coffee, coffeemate vanilla-caramel, and coffeemate mocha-latte
    • add boiled water, stir
    • fill a glass with ice
    • pour the coffee mixture over the ice
    • add a splash each of kahlua and butterscotch schnaps, stir

    and since your suggestion was the inspiration, we’ll call it

    QazseQuick – only at Tasty’s!

  16. qazse Says:

    LQ I just found this comment. I don’t know how it slipped past me. The QazseQuick sounds festive. I am going to fill the larder with the necessary ingredients and craft a festive batch. It is a flattering thing to have a drink named after you. Now I know how Tom Collins and Jim Beam felt. Thanks and Happy Trails! or should I say Tasty Trails…

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