How Not to Lead

August 7, 2006

Put the maximization of profit above all ideals
call it the American dream.

Invite lobbyists to secretly make policy
declare it executive privilege.

Listen only to people who agree with you
pretend you do otherwise.

Paint all who dissent with a broad pink brush
label them traitors

Intimidate rather than dialogue
blame it on evil.

Squander a surplus.
Build a deficit.

Outsource torture.
Ignore law.

Fatten the rich.
Squeeze the poor.

Call yourself compassionate.


One Sunday Morning

August 6, 2006

We arrived at church,
but the the doors were locked.

A letter held on in the breeze:

My Dear Children,
I am not inside –
you will find me among the sick,
the troubled, the destitute…
Father Joe is with me.
Come join us.

Within the month
most of us had joined
a different church.

Diner Diner burning bright
sober beacon
drunken night.

Java Java steaming hot
swore I wouldn’t
drink a lot.

Eggs Eggs slimy soft
all too soon
I send aloft.

Run Run for the door
retch my innards
to the floor.

Wake Wake tormented head
sweating gin
wish I were dead.


with apologies to William Blake

a haiku by Jack Kerouac

August 2, 2006

Perfect moonlit night
by family sqabbles

– J.Kerouac