nine was was

September 11, 2006

It seemed a time of respect.

Skies were skies,
no chalky lines

of manufactured smoke,
only birds and clouds and flags.

was not yet entertainment.

Guns and cleavage
had temporarily disappeared from the screen.

Reflection and restraint
seemed a collective value.

Never to return,
we lived briefly

in the peaceful eye
of chaos.

11 Responses to “nine was was”

  1. Hey, what’s wrong with cleavage? My daughter walked up to the TV once when Lacey Johnson (traffic reporter for News10Now) when she was wearing something ever so slightly low cut. She announced, “Nani!” which is her word for breastfeeding.

    We later met Lacey at the Fair and I didn’t have enough tact to NOT tell Lacey the story. Fortunately, she’s very good with kids, Carm adored her and I got a great picture of them together.

    BTW, I am now one of the bloggers on … it’s sort of a counter-culture thing sponsored by Newtimes and Eagle, if I have the information correct. But I doubt I have the most fascinating blog there … it goes, without a doubt, to Notes From the Lunatic Fringe.

    I think he likes cleavage, too. But you be the judge.

  2. qazse Says:

    cleavage as a form of personal pleasure is fine. as in super fine. But cleavage as a form of mass entertainment is lame, as in give it a rest. Most marketing geeks have not matured beyond the fraternity mindset of headlining any flyer with the words “SEX” and “BEER” and “FREE”. And most male consumers are hard wired to seek breasts. It is natural but not necessarily noteworthy.

    I will check you out on the piratecny. Nice to hear from you. I saw your recent comment on Canty’s site. I think I check it more than he does. PS- I read your recent posts on myspace but was unable to comment since I was not on my own computer. As always, clever and witty.

  3. hakkani7 Says:


    Peace to you QAZSE,

    ^^ I agree whole-heartedly.


  4. twitches Says:

    What time was this, exactly? I don’t remember it.

  5. qazse Says:

    the days immediately following the attack. No airplanes in the sky; no violence or sex programming on the major channels. I know this little mercurial era in American entertainment is quickly being forgotten. But it did happen, really it did, honest it did, it really really surreally happened…now now mr. qazse let’s just slip on this jacket and back slowly away from the cockpit…

  6. qazse Says:

    Seriously, does any one else remember those days after 9/11? The media seemed much more subdued, less in your face. No planes flew the skies.

    As things returned to normal, one could hear, “Let’s Party” overtaking “Let’s role” – while blue collar sons marched nto a hopeless unnecessary quagmire.

  7. fencer Says:

    Yes, I remember a kind of hushed murmur in the media in respect to the seriousness of the event… it couldn’t last long, I guess.


  8. twitches Says:

    I am sure that during this time, the Bush team was frantic to get their hate on and start scaring the shit out of people. How they must look back on those days of relative peace with absolute revulsion…

  9. bloglily Says:

    When I read this poem I didn’t think immediately of the hushed murmur fender talks about — i just thought it was a beautiful poem, and a wonderful evocation of a pastoral time that I wish we could always be in.

  10. qazse Says:

    fencer, thanks for validating my recollection. As we get older it is refered to as “reality orientation”.

    twitches, you belong in Vermont. (That is a complement).

    BL, thank you for the love.

    Ah, those sweet innocent days some surely had. It was not necessarily a bowl of cherries for all, but it was certainly a more promising time than the mass degredation of body and mind which besmirches our sensibilities today. Soon the spirit will be captured and integrated into motherboard earth.

  11. qazse Says:

    Hyder, I just realized I never responded to your comment my friend. I apologize for the lack of oversight on my part. As-Salamu Alaykum.

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