those we now call holy

October 2, 2006

those who truly touched the sublime
who walked in the Light
spoke only of

and Peace.

everything else you are told
everything else you read
are the manipulations

of men



21 Responses to “those we now call holy”

  1. Leo Says:

    Beautiful, and so true…

    your poetry is enthralling.

  2. Jules Says:

    Love, Forgiveness and Peace – those words resonnate in your poem and hopefully in all our hearts. They are the words that seem to be the strength of the families of those innocent girls who lost their lives in the Amish school shooting.

    Love and Peace to you…

  3. qazse Says:

    Leo, you are too kind. I believe most religions are distortions because they claim to have a corner on “truth” and “salvation” based on the writings of men. I am sure God knows how to write static and linear words. However, I believe God writes in different, more personal, yet universal, and dynamic ways. That is not to say that some of the writings of some of these humans has not been inspired in a spiritual sense. But the verbatim belief in every bit of minutia makes no sense. It causes divisiveness and keeps us off task from our pupose here on earth: Love you neighbor, love your enemy.
    For example, many writings have been omitted from the bible by powerful men with agendas. And who is to say that the literate clergy, who kept these “holy” books (when most of the world was illiterate) ,didn’t tweak a word here, a line there to serve their needs.
    Religion can still serve a positive function in the evolution of civilization if the leaderships stop acting like silly children ( “my religion’s better than yours” ).
    It is curious that most religions motivate through fear. Just like politicians.

  4. qazse Says:

    Jules –

    My wife, Karina, was listening to NPR on her way home from work. They had reported that the Amish community had already started to mobilize to comfort and aid the family of the killer. She began to cry .

    Like so many, it touched her deeply. This reaction was not coerced or drilled into her. We are born that way; able to recognize the sublime.
    Too bad it is suffocated in many by bullshit and lack of cultivation.

    Love and peace to you also…

  5. kimtelas Says:

    Dear qazse,

    I have read this several times.

    First of all: Oh goody. I feel better now, as we know of my momentary struggles.

    And, I did a weird thing, um, for Kim.

    I adjusted your poem! No kidding! Oh my goodness!

    I did this because it ripples endlessly and speaks simply.

    I like that part, I am a ripple kind of woman.

    So, thank you.

    For the comfort.

    Take care,


  6. qazse Says:

    Hi Kim,

    not sure what you mean by your “momentary struggles”.

    How did you adjust the poem?

  7. kimtelas Says:


    I just accidentally deleted my entire response.

    Send money please.

    My momentary struggles are with my sesitivity to Christianity and to remember that this can pull me into being judgemental.

    The poem, I think I did this:

    those who truly touched the sublime
    who walked in the Light
    spoke only of

    and Peace.

    everything else you are told
    everything else you read
    are the manipulations

    of men

    Man, you just want to know what people mean. Demanding posting community member. Can’t you be like my friend (who drives me nuts) and assume you know what the other means?


    Thanks for asking,


  8. twitches Says:

    I agree with the sentiment. Bravo.

  9. qazse Says:

    Kim, I like your variation. It seems more direct. Also, the “but” stanza is a bit ugly ( actually – but ugly ). However, I like the pause it provides. Hmmm… spoke of nothing but vs spoke only of… what do others think?

    Also, I noticed you dropped the last stanza. I am inclined to keep it since it is there for emphasis. Although I am always open to further opinion.

    Thanks for the feedback. It is a good thing.

  10. qazse Says:


    thank you for the bravo.

  11. kimtelas Says:

    qazse, this is so cool! What we have here is now two people experiencing emphasis differently. Most wonderful. For my senses, the less words the more emphasis.

    Write on,


  12. qazse Says:

    “the less words the more emphasis” I repeat to myself several times while looking up to my left…

  13. qazse Says:

    I am going with Kim’s suggested revision. (thanks Kim!)

    Here is the poem as originally posted:

    those who truly touched the sublime
    who walked in the Light
    spoke of nothing


    and Peace.

    everything else you are told
    everything else you read
    are the manipulations
    of men

    and men alone.

  14. kimtelas Says:

    Umm, why are you looking to your left?

    kurios kim

  15. qazse Says:

    I don’t know, it is just where I happened to look – I suppose I could rationalize that is where the moon was this weekend since we were among mountains and the moon became most apparent when in the sky to my left?

  16. Ellen Says:

    This is just stunningly beautiful (incl. Kim’s ripple)

  17. qazse Says:

    Thank you Ellen. Kudos Kim.

  18. kimtelas Says:

    I have a ripple?


    Hey, qazse when I first read your poetry I wanted to hang up my pen.

    That means your writing is powerful for me and I appreciate that.

    And, wanting to hang up my pen is a good thing, it motivates me to reach deeper within myself.

    Rippling along Kim

  19. qazse Says:

    never hang it up. Each person has poems to share. Each of us has much to share. Other people’s poems often blow me away. My style and content are unique to me. Other’s are unique to them. That is the beauty of it.

    I too,sometimes, think of hanging it up. Poets are very vulnerable since competiton is emphasized. I may read something and say “wow, why can’t that come out of me?”. The whole comparison thing is goofy.

    Some readers have no interest in my stuff. They like a different style and/or content. Yet to some it resonates. Some like Airedales, some like Poodles…

    I think your poems are deep and sensuous. I think you have a keen eye for beauty. Your site has a certain feel which is consistent, and often stunning. It is a work of art.

  20. kimtelas Says:

    Thank you qazse for the words.



  21. qazse Says:

    you are truly welcome

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